Working Papers

  1. Feedback and Favoritism in Sequential Elimination, with Zenan Wu

  2. On the Paradox of Mediocracy, with Ming Li and Xue Qiao, under review

  3. Multi-prize Contests with Risk-averse Players, with Xiruo Wang and Zenan Wu

  4. Expectation-based Loss Aversion in Contests, with Zenan Wu, Youji Lyu, and Yuanjie Zhang

  5. Auctions versus Lottery All-Pay Contests: A General Dominance Theorem, with Zenan Wu

  6. Optimally Biased Tullock Contests, with Shanglyu Deng and Zenan Wu

  7. Confidence Management in Tournaments, with Shanglyu Deng, Hanming Fang, and Zenan Wu

  8. On Equilibrium Existence in Generalized Multi-Prize Lottery Contests, with Zenan Wu and Yuxuan Zhu