Working Papers

  1. Feedback and Favoritism in Sequential Elimination, with Zenan Wu

  2. On the Paradox of Mediocracy, with Ming Li and Xue Qiao, under review

  3. Multi-prize Contests with Risk-averse Players, with Xiruo Wang and Zenan Wu

  4. Expectation-based Loss Aversion in Contests, with Zenan Wu, Youji Lyu, and Yuanjie Zhang

  5. Auctions versus Lottery All-Pay Contests: A General Dominance Theorem, with Zenan Wu

  6. Confidence Management in Tournaments, with Shanglyu Deng, Hanming Fang, and Zenan Wu

  7. On Equilibrium Existence in Generalized Multi-Prize Lottery Contests, with Zenan Wu and Yuxuan Zhu

  8. Optimal Bid Caps in Noisy Contests, with Zenan Wu and Yuxuan Zhu