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Working Papers

  1. On the Optimal Design of All-Pay Auctions, with Zenan Wu, revised and resubmitted to Economic Theory.

  2. Confidence Management in Tournaments, with Shanglyu Deng, Hanming Fang, and Zenan Wu, under revision requested by Journal of Economics and Management Strategy.

  3. On Equilibrium Uniqueness in Generalized Multi-Prize Lottery Contests, with Zenan Wu and Yuxuan Zhu, accepted by Games and Economic Behavior subject to minor revisions.

  4. Sequential Contests with Incomplete Information, with Shanglyu Deng, Zenan Wu, and Yuxuan Zhu, under revision requested by Theoretical Economics.

  5. Optimal Sorting in Team Tournaments, with Zenan Wu, Hanyao Zhang, and Yangfan Zhou, under review.

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